Social Media & Search Ads

Extend your website's reach with immediate results

Getting the traffic you need through search engine results or social media posts may take time to achieve. Amplify your efforts through online advertising, where you'll be able to reach your target audiences in no time.

We value working together in creating your campaigns – always starting off with a chat about your business goals and assets before setting up. From there, we will be in charge of creating the ad copy, choosing the images and building the targeting. Throughout the campaign, we will monitor its performance and make adjustments.

At the end of each month, you will receive a monthly report detailing all results (which we can explain further through an in-person conversation or call).

Social Media & Search Ads

  • Facebook Ads Manager (Facebook, Facebook Display Network, Instagram)
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content
  • Twitter Ads
  • Google Ads (Google Search & Display Network)

  • Company overview
  • Business persona
  • Target market
  • Campaign messaging/promotion
  • Preferred advertising platforms
  • Advertising budget

  • Review existing brand campaigns
  • Campaign set up (targeting, creatives, copywriting, tracking)
  • Ongoing monitoring & maintenance
  • Monthly performance reports & planning
  • Client meetings as needed

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