The Backbenchers

Seasoned Video Professionals from Singapore

Our Client

The Backbenchers are a dynamic team of seasoned Singapore-based video production professionals who decided to start their own production house after decades working with media companies. Realising the need for a journalistic eye within the industry, their aim is to raise the expectations for quality productions in Singapore and beyond.

The Challenge

As a newly established production house with no existing assets, they needed to start from scratch. Though they had already established their team name and had a direction in mind for their brand, they needed assistance to further solidify their overall story and vision for their website, logo and content.

They were looking for an online presence with a minimalistic and clean look, yet with a sense of interactivity. And for their branding, they wanted a logo with a deconstructed style. After months of searching, they struggled to find an agency who could bring the creativity and innovation for their particular needs.

The Solution

We knew that first impressions were key for a newly established business like theirs. Creating that wow factor in their overall look required everything from the logo, website and copywriting to be fully intertwined.

We first started with the logo and brand colours. Incorporating their brand name into the logo, we went for a deconstructed look mimicking the the feel of a wooden bench – while maintaining a cool and modern look to reflect their professional values and innovative spirit. We incorporated a clapper board and RGB colours into the imagery to echo elements of their creative industry.

We then moved into building the website and writing the content. To create the create a clean experience for potential viewers, we focused on building mobile-first. We ensured that all animations, transitions and visuals we used across the website would work well for both mobile and desktop browsers.

To match the rest of their branding, our copywriting kept the same minimalistic style – keeping paragraphs and sentences short yet punchy, while maintaining the correct balance between white space and words on the pages as well as providing an air of mystery for The Backbenchers. Working with material provided by the client, we came up with the idea of portraying each member with a 'heist crew' name, and including information about the entire production process.

The Backbenchers
The Backbenchers
The Backbenchers